Discover the Beauty of Chikmagalur during the Monsoons
10 July 2023
Chikmagalur green hills with tourist attractions

Discover the Beauty of Chikmagalur during the Monsoons

Chikmagalur may be always associated with winter or summer getaways, but it reveals a different side of its beauty when the rain clouds descend upon its picturesque landscapes. Visiting during the monsoons is a truly enchanting experience that allows you to witness the hill station's natural beauty in its full glory.

Here are some compelling reasons why visiting Chikmagalur during the monsoons is a delightful and enriching experience.

Refreshing Weather:

The monsoons bring relief from the scorching heat and infuse the air with freshness. Chikmagalur experiences a cool and pleasant climate during this time, with temperatures ranging from mild to moderate. The rain-washed atmosphere adds to the charm, providing a perfect ambiance for leisurely walks, nature exploration, and outdoor activities.

Spectacular Waterfalls:

Chikmagalur is blessed with numerous breathtaking waterfalls that come alive during the monsoons. The increased rainfall fills the rivers and streams, creating magnificent cascades of water. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of waterfalls like Hebbe Falls, Jhari Falls, and Abbey Falls as they gush with tremendous force, surrounded by lush greenery.

Coffee Plantation Tours:

Chikmagalur is renowned for its vast coffee plantations that cover the undulating hills. During the monsoons, these plantations come alive with activity. The coffee plants are at their lush best, adorned with vibrant berries. Take a stroll through the aromatic coffee estates, breathe in the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, and witness the farmers at work, harvesting and processing the coffee beans. It is a sensory delight for coffee enthusiasts.

Lush Green Landscapes:

The monsoons transform Chikmagalur into a breath-taking paradise. The hills, valleys, and coffee plantations flourish with vibrant shades of green, creating a picturesque landscape that is a treat for the eyes. The rain-washed landscapes become even more captivating, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Peaceful Retreats:

Chikmagalur is home to serene resort boutiques and homestays that offer a peaceful retreat amidst nature's embrace. During the monsoons, these accommodations become even more inviting, with the lush surroundings and cool weather creating a tranquil ambiance. Unwind with a book, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops as you relish the mesmerizing surroundings.

Serene Trekking Trails:

Chikmagalur offers a plethora of trekking trails that become even more alluring during the monsoons. The rain-drenched pathways, surrounded by lush forests, present an enchanting setting for trekkers and adventure seekers. The monsoons add an extra layer of thrill and beauty to these experiences.

Majestic Temples and Ancient Sites:

Chikmagalur is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The monsoons offer a unique opportunity to visit ancient temples and historical sites, where you can immerse yourself in the spiritual and architectural marvels of the region. Witness the timeless beauty of and experience the serenity that surrounds them.


Visiting Chikmagalur during the monsoons allows you to witness the region's natural beauty in its most vibrant and captivating form. Come visit us at Shanthi Kunnj and let Chikmagalur weave its magic on your soul, leaving you with unforgettable moments and a yearning to return always.