Frequently Asked Questions
  • What types of housing are available at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Guests have the option of choosing from the luxurious rooms of the magnificent Log house, the exclusive Superiors villas, or the gorgeous Premier Rooms, each of which offers a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • How many guests can stay in a single room?
    The occupancy of a particular room at Shanthi Kunnj depends on a variety of variables, such as the category of the room and total size. The number of guests who can comfortably stay in a single room can range from two to three, depending on the characteristics of the space.
  • Is Wi-Fi accessible at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Without a question, Wi-Fi access surrounds every nook and cranny of Shanthi Kunnj. Thus, guests of Shanthi Kunnj will feel assured that there will be no lack of internet connectivity.
  • Is there a TV available in the rooms at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Absolutely! Each room at Shanthi Kunnj has a 43-inch FHD Smart LED TV with satellite channels, which allows guests to relax and catch up on their favourite shows or films in the privacy of their rooms.
  • Who may stay at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Shanthi Kunnj welcomes visitors from all over the globe, offering a warm and inviting retreat for their stay. Our facility has an inviting environment that is suitable for couples, families, lively groups, and active corporate teams.
  • Is Shanthi Kunj appropriate for families with children?
    Shanthi Kunnj is an ideal location for those seeking a tranquil escape within lush natural settings. Our family-friendly homestay aims to make itself available to guests of all ages by providing an array of activities and services that are sure to engage kids as well as adults.
  • Does Shanthi Kunnj have a pool?
    Yes, Shanthi Kunnj, a beautiful paradise of rejuvenation, has a shimmering infinity temperature-controlled swimming pool within its property, which provides relaxation for guests to soak in throughout their stay.
  • Are there any recreational activities available for families and couples at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Certainly! At Shanthi Kunnj, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities to keep our guests of all ages engaged during their stay.
  • Does Shanthi Kunnj offer conference and meeting facilities for corporate events?
    Without a doubt, Shanthi Kunnj provides a wide range of outstanding conference and meeting accommodations, modern amenities, and a variety of delicious refreshments, and meals, customized to meet the requirements of business events.
  • Does Shanthi Kunnj have vehicle parking within the property's compound?
    Of course, we understand the importance of having a hassle-free journey, which is why we try to provide our guests with an outstanding parking area.
  • How much does a room or villa at Shanthi Kunnj cost?
    The cost of staying at the gorgeous Shanthi Kunnj varies from ₹15,000 to ₹22,000 based on many different types of requirements, such as the style of space chosen by visitors.
    Individuals who are interested in finding out more about the cost of a room or other facilities at this peaceful retreat can either browse the information from our website or contact the expert reservation team.
  • Is driver accommodation available at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Yes, the basic accommodations are made available at Shanthi Kunnj for tired drivers who seek sanctuary in this getaway. Minimal requirements will be provided in clean yet practical rooms.
  • Is there a separate payment for driver accommodation?
    Yes, a minimal fee for driver accommodations will be charged. Our esteemed guests can reach our administrative team for an explanation of the corresponding charges.
  • What is the check-in and check-out time at Shanthi Kunnj?
    The standard check-in time is at 2 pm and check-out will be at noon.
  • What is the most beneficial method to make a reservation at Shanthi Kunnj?
    The rooms at Shanthi Kunnj, an enchanting property that invites guests with its richness and charm, can be easily reserved through our official website, or as an alternative, by approaching our friendly reservations service via phone call or email. It should be noted that any booking requires a deposit in advance. However, if you choose to make a last-minute booking with immediate arrival, the payment must be the full amount to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Can I get confirmation of my reservation?
    Undoubtedly, confirmation of the booking made by our guests will be sent as soon as possible through email or any other effective communication that we at Shanthi Kunnj have at our disposal. If in the rare circumstance, that mentioned confirmation escapes our customers' grasp, our skilled reservations team will be standing by, passionately working to fix the issue and provide the guests with the necessary confirmation as soon as possible.
  • What payment methods are available for reserving a room at Shanthi Kunnj?
    The entire process of payment for one's reservation online has been streamlined for Shanthi Kunnj guests, who can make payments using several ways, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.
    Payments made in cash can also be accepted for the benefit of our guests who prefer alternative forms of payment. It is additionally important to note that Shanthi Kunnj will be included on major travel websites such as MakeMyTrip and Booking.com soon, making the entire procedure of booking for the duration of your stay even simpler.
  • Is it possible to reserve a private event or wedding at Shanthi Kunnj?
    Yes, Shanthi Kunnj offers guests to request reservations for private events or weddings and promises to put together the necessary settings to make the special day memorable.
  • What is the closest airport to Shanthi Kunnj?
    Guests can reach this beautiful getaway of Shanthi Kunnj through two airports which provide quick access to the area. The first is Mangalore International Airport, which is around 144 kilometres from the charming town of Chikmagalur. The second alternative is Bengaluru Airport, roughly 262 kilometres away, and can easily be approachable by the NH75 highway.
  • Is there a doctor or medical facility available nearby Shanthi Kunnj in case of an emergency?
    Absolutely! Whether you have a small issue or a serious health emergency, our on-call doctor and pharmacist are always available to give immediate medical treatment as needed.
  • Is Shanthi Kunnj appropriate for the elderly or guests with disabilities?
    The natural setting of Shanthi Kunnj, with its hilly ground and varied walkways, could cause some difficulties for more mature visitors or those with physical disabilities. However, our management can plan and provide appropriate accommodation and support services to ensure that all visitors experience a safe and enjoyable stay.
  • What is the cancellation policy at Shanthi Kunnj?
    The cancellation policy at Shanthi Kunnj may differ depending on a variety of standards, such as the type of reservation made. Therefore, rather than depending exclusively on general presumptions that may prove ineffective, it would be advisable to independently verify the facts of the cancellation policy with our team itself.
  • How far is Shanthi Kunnj from a popular tourist area?
    Shanti Kunnj’s distance from several famous attractions in the surrounding areas could vary. However, the property is surrounded by various attractions, such as the Muthodi Forest Reserve, which is around 39 km, Kudremukh National Park (60 km), Mullayanagiri Peak (57 km), Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (39 km), Manikyadhara Falls (69 km) and many more.
  • Can guests request dietary requirements for their meals?
    Of course, individuals have the freedom to request dietary needs for their meals, such as gluten-free or dairy-free options at Shanthi Kunnj. With advanced suggestions, our expert cook can effectively satisfy these requirements, ensuring guests experience outstanding meals that adapt to their specific dietary preferences.
  • Can guests request a barbecue during their stay?
    Yes, arrangements can be made to facilitate barbeque activities, providing an additional opportunity for enjoyment.
  • Is Shanthi Kunnj pet friendly?
    Unfortunately, pets are not permitted on our resort boutique property.