Unforgettable Experiences at Shanthi Kunnj Resort

From nature that surrounds you to landscapes that unfold before your eyes, every moment in the Shanthi Kunnj Resort is a sensory symphony, an experience that will leave you with an everlasting impact.


Indoor Activity Room

With an extensive selection of games and activities that you can choose from, our offers accommodate guests of all ages, with opportunities for both leisure and friendly competition.

Indoor Games:

  • Kids Play Arena
  • Table Tennis
  • Carrom
  • Foosball
  • Chess

Outdoor Entertainment Facilities

At Shanthi Kunnj Resort, we provide you with a true sanctuary of entertainment and comfort where you can revitalize to your heart's delight by either enjoying a refreshing dip in our infinity swimming pool, regardless of the time of year or by challenging your friends or family members to a game of darts.

Outdoor Entertainment Facilities:

  • Temperature-controlled Infinity Swimming Pool with a Kids' Pool.
  • Kids play area
  • Darts
Shanthi kunnj's resort with Comfort & safety in chikmagalur

Comfort and safety

From the moment you walk into our boutique resort property, you will be well protected with a range of safety amenities offered.


  • Round-the-clock power backup.
  • 24x7 security and CCTV coverage.
  • Car parking within the premises is subject to availability and at the owner’s risk.
  • Doctor and Pharmacy on call as per the charges applicable.
  • Wheelchair (Upon request and subject to availability).
  • Fire extinguishers (available outside each cottage).
  • Complimentary luggage room for only 24 hours (Extended storage time and charges will be at the sole discretion of the management).
Mesmerizing journey

Plantation Tour

During the plantation tour, we will explain to you the fine craftsmanship of coffee production, including pruning, manure, shade regulation, and harvesting.

You will learn about the delicate balance required to cultivate coffee plants, as well as the constant attention that goes into each sip of the priceless beverage.

The air will be filled with the enticing aroma of coffee as you walk through the emerald-green vegetation embellished with intercrops such as Areca, Black pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Bananas.

When you go down the well-worn path, you will be greeted with gigantic hardwood guardians that soar skyward, expressing a pearl of timeless wisdom. The crooked trunks and sprawling branches of the Matthi, Honne, Huleve, and Beete (Rosewood) trees bore evidence of the passing of time and the adaptability of nature.

Shanthi kunnj Plantation Tour in chikmagalur
Shanthi Kunnj Nature Walk in chikmagalur

Nature Walk

A Nature Walk at Shanthi Kunnj Resort encourages an array of sights and sounds that will capture your heart and spirit.

Explore the secrets of the dense forest, gasp at the ever-flowing Bhadra river and let nature's lovely noises enchant you with their sounds.

It is an unwinding journey, an arrangement of grandeur that will leave a lasting mark on your heart and soul.

During the nature walk, you may be fortunate enough to encounter various wildlife and captivating exotic bird species.

The optional items to carry for the Nature Walk Experience:

  • Binoculars.
  • Microscope (for research).
  • Small telescope (for research).
  • Drawing tools like pencils, crayons, markers, and sketch pads.
  • A digital camera or disposable.
  • Tape Recorder or Mobile for recording sounds.
  • Magnifying Glass.
  • Small vials or jars for collecting samples.
  • Backpack for carrying all your stuff.
  • Digging tools like small shovels and hammers.
  • Walking Sticks.
  • Metal Detector (for research).
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Other Facilities
Power backup

Round the clock power backup


24x7 security and CCTV coverage

Doctor and Pharmacy

On call as per the charges applicable.

Car parking

Within the premises subject to availability and at owner’s risk.


Upon request and subject to availability

Luggage room

Complimentary left luggage room for only 24 hours (Extended storage time and charges will be at the sole discretion of the management).