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Privacy Policy

Shanthi Kunnj understands the urgent importance of preserving your sensitive data. To that aim, the current Privacy Policy extends Shanthi Kunnj's existing Policy in connection with the collection and use of "Personal Information" that you may provide over the Website ( It is necessary that you carefully read this Policy, as your use of the site and, afterwards, submission of information indicates a clear consent to the guidelines of this Privacy Policy.

We emphasize that Shanthi Kunnj reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, at its own discretion, to reflect changes in the legal framework, changes to Shanthi Kunnj's privacy policies, or changes to the Website's features. Any changes to how we handle personal information will be acknowledged in the revised privacy policy, which will be posted on the Website and will have a new effective date. As a result, we urge you to examine the Privacy Policy on a regular basis to stay up to date with Shanthi Kunnj's current policies and practices.

It should be noted that this Privacy Policy is not a legally binding document and does not provide any actionable legal rights or duties for either party.

1. Information we collect
The collection of Personal Information concerning you as an individual using (referred to herein as the "Website") may be extensive and includes, but is not restricted to, your proper appellation, your place of residence, your phone or fax numbers, and the email address that you prefer. However, outside the sphere of Personal Information is present an abundance of non-personal data on which we will expand with great speed and depth.

1.1. Online Purchases and Reservations
When you make a reservation on the internet, specifically through the domain, you willingly and knowingly provide us, the owners of the above-mentioned Website, with an array of your own personal Information, including but not limited to your full name, residential address, electronic mail address, and telephone number, which will be utilized during the transaction.
1.2. Advertising campaigns and Contests
Shanthi Kunnj respectfully supports advertising campaigns and contests from time to time, offering members a spectacular opportunity to emerge victorious and seize a broad assortment of valuable rewards. These campaigns may result in the combination of Personal Information collected from participating members with non-Personal Information gathered through the use of cookies and other techniques.
1.3. Surveys
At Shanthi Kunnj, we firmly believe in giving our customers the finest possible experience. We occasionally sponsor customer surveys as part of our continual effort to improve our services, which allows us to obtain useful insights and feedback. These surveys allow you, our valued customer, to supply personal information and respond to survey questions. We make great efforts to ensure that all survey data is handled with the highest privacy and professionalism.  

In fact, we may combine this information with data gained through cookies and other means indicated in this Policy to present you with a more personalized and tailored experience that really fits your requirements and expectations.

1.4. Automatic collection

When you browse our digital domain of, the servers we use will carefully and autonomously collect and assimilate numerous categories of non-personal Information that are indirectly related to your surfing experience. Our systems may collect a variety of Information, including but not limited to your internet protocol (IP) address, the IP address of your point of origin, the country of your connection, your language preferences, the browser you used to initiate your session, the domain name of your service provider, and the time elapsed since the start of your interaction with our site.

1.5. Cookies

Shanthi Kunnj collects Information using technologies and modern approaches, including the usage of "cookies." These small text files are secretly installed on your computer as you explore our site and are kept in your web browser. These cookies provide us with the capacity to identify and recognize your computerized entity, allowing us to provide you with advertisements that are relevant to your interests.

Please keep in mind that cookies can only be detected by the domain that planted them. It is important to note that if you choose to refuse to accept cookies by changing your browser settings, the site's ability to customize your user experience will be compromised.

2. What do we do with the Personal Information/Non-Personal Information you give us.
Shanthi Kunnj utilizes a wide range of Personal Information gathered in connection with registration or purchases on our site to complete transactions, enable payment, and indirectly meet service requests. Such Personal Information, which includes data about people's lives such as their name, email address, and phone number, is utilized to provide you with an effective customer experience. Shanthi Kunnj may filter, modify, or incorporating your Personal Information with other various data streams that we acquire or that are clearly available in the public domain in order to obtain a complete picture of your particular interests and preferences.
2.1. Companies within the Group, Partners, Subsidiaries, and Third Parties
Shanthi Kunnj might share your Personal Information with our Group Companies, subsidiaries that are completely owned by Shanthi Kunnj, and even with our trusted partners. To ensure seamless service delivery, we may occasionally outsource the processing of your Personal Information to a third-party service provider. In addition, we might share your Personal Information with third parties to provide you with innovative services, appropriate data, or advertising chances that are customized according to your interests and preferences. 
2.2. Emails
Shanthi Kunnj uses email to keep its loyal clients informed and up to date in its mission to provide unmatched customer service. We ensure that our consumers receive only the most relevant and meaningful information by having a wide choice of helpful resources at our disposal. Confirmation Vouchers, thorough route maps, carefully designed promotional offers, vital travel-related information and updates, reservation confirmations, and surveys are examples of such information. 
However, our email reach goes much beyond simply distributing Information. We want to build meaningful relationships with our clients. Therefore, we use email for several administrative and marketing objectives.
2.3. Surveys
Shanthi Kunnj may use a variety of methods to combine Personal Information (PI) and survey responses with information obtained from cookies and other sources, as detailed in this Policy, in order to enhance the quality of services provided to you.
To that purpose, we may use third-party contractors to conduct surveys while using the PI you provide during survey completion to present you with Information on a variety of topics such as contests or promotions, special offers, and other content we consider relevant to your interests.
2.4. Cookies
The usage of cookies on our site is required for the establishment of a user session as well as the supply of relevant information, ads, and services. The cookies we use serve a variety of functions, including assuring the delivery of requested Information, authorizing user access to the site, and tracking site activity to better modify our services to the different demands of our client base. Furthermore, by pre-filling crucial data fields with our consumers' Information, we may speed up the buying process for them.
As part of our commitment to offering the best possible user experience, we might partner with third-party companies to serve advertising and other relevant content to site visitors. In such cases, our cookies may be used to convey important data about site usage to these businesses, allowing them to create customized content that aligns with the preferences of individual users.
While you can reject cookies using your Internet browser, it is important to remember that doing so may limit your ability to access some features of the site, reducing the ease of your user experience. However, we respect our users' rights and provide this choice to those who choose to have more control over their online privacy.
2.5. Domain Names and Internet Protocol Addresses
Our data-gathering processes enable us to use Non-Personal Information, such as domain names and IP addresses, to thoroughly evaluate and quantify a wide range of relevant metrics.
We can skillfully optimize and enhance the site's content to better serve our customers' unique needs and recognize preferences by skillfully measuring the number of visits, analyzing the average time spent on the site, scrutinizing the various pages viewed, and closely scrutinizing other similar site browsing habits.
2.6. Law Enforcement/Legal Processes/Other Uses
Shanthi Kunnj may disclose Personal Information in response to a variety of causes, including the necessities of legal processes, such as court orders or summons, as well as demands made by government or law enforcement authorities. In addition to complying with such legal responsibilities, Shanthi Kunnj might share Personal Information in instances where it has a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary in order to protect its property or otherwise complete a legal duty. Furthermore, Shanthi Kunnj may reveal Personal Information to its sister companies or entities when it merges or strips assets in specific circumstances, ensuring the continuity of its operations and the optimization of its strategic objectives.
2.7. Minor’s Online Privacy Policy
Our constant commitment to protecting the privacy of all our users, particularly minors, is an essential aspect of our culture. To that purpose, we strictly adhere to all applicable laws prohibiting the collection of Personal Information from minors. In the extremely rare case that such a situation develops, where a minor has disclosed their Personal Information to us without the necessary permission from their parent or guardian, we encourage the concerned parent or guardian to contact us immediately through email at Once we get this notification, we will promptly take action to correct it by deleting the minor's Personal Information from any promotional lists or databases, reducing any concerns that the parent or guardian might be experiencing.
2.8. Privacy Policy Related to Other Websites
As your privacy protectors, we must inform you that this Privacy Policy only pertains to the digital domain "," and that all other sites are excluded. We understand the vital importance of protecting the Personal Information you give to us, and we remain firmly committed to that purpose. However, we must humbly admit that we have no control over the policies of other sites, including those to which we might provide links, and their respective owners' use of the Personal Information is entirely beyond our control.

3. Prevention of unauthorized access to your Personal Information
Our goal at Shanthi Kunnj is to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information and to prevent its unauthorized use or distribution. To do this, we have put in place a strong framework comprised of a variety of physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards. These safeguards act as a first line of defense against unauthorized access or security breaches, reducing the risks connected with data protection. 

It is important to note that, regardless of the efforts described above, we cannot guarantee the complete security of your Personal Information. As technology evolves, so do the approaches and strategies used by unauthorized users to acquire data access. As a result, while we must remain attentive in our efforts to protect your Information, we cannot accept responsibility for the acts of anyone who participate in illegal behavior. While we aim to prevent unauthorized access, we cannot guarantee that such incidents will not take place.